Episode 1 - 10.03.17

In this week's episode, we introduce ourselves, run through the 30 books everyone should read and proudly present a Shameless Plugs staple: the first ever Shamelist.

Notes from the 'Cast

The 30 Books Everyone Should Read

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'Cast Shirts
J.A. George - X-Men Pop

This episode, JAG was rocking an X-Men Pop shirt. Apocalypse is jealous. Help him turn that blue frown upside down by picking yours up here.

Samantha the Writer - Celestial Being

Even though it's a lesser known Gundam, 00 features Exia, one of my favorite machines and therefore, shirt. Copycats click here.

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N. Olson Design

Nick Olson is for our fantastic graphic designer. You can find more of his work here.


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