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Episode 28 - 11.05.18: 

It's NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) because it's November and we are getting ready the best way we know how, inviting one of our favorite guests back!

M.L. Keller- author, editor, and all around awesome person- joins us to discuss her new book Your Novel, This Month: the step-by-step plan for writing a novel in 30 days.


About Your Novel, This Month:

50,00 words in 30 days? Sounds insane, doesn't it? But with enough focus and dedication even the casual wordsmith can reach this goal. All you need is a guide. With daily writing goals and easy to follow tips and tricks, this book will help you not only end November with 50,000 words but also a well-crafted story.

You can find out more here.

Interested in more from M.L. Keller? Check out her website The Manuscript Shredder and go back in the archives and listen to episode 12 of the Pod!


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Who would have thought that tea, salad and a cubicle cell would lead to a podcast and (eventually) publishing deals? J.A. and Samantha met at work, where they constantly ran into each other in the break room, thanks to the aforementioned tea and salad. The rest will (one day) be entertainment history. 

First Name: Samantha

Middle name: The

Last Name: Writer

What can I say? My parents were oracles.


I've always wanted to be a writer (except for that brief period in 6th grade when I thought Zoology sounded like fun . . .) and from odd job to odd job I held that dream tight.

My writing is modern and sometimes futuristic and influenced by Hemingway. And I have a cat.

Who am I? I am...

- a wannabe novelist;

- a movie junkie (seriously, I'll watch and debate anything from Citizen Kane to Snow Dogs);

- a former comic geek who still has gamma-irradiated blood running through his veins;

- a former skater punk who still loves the music (amongst a whole bunch of other genres);

- an office drone (until I get a novel published or the revolution comes. Y'know, whichever.);

- a suburban dad who's still tougher than a Son of Anarchy;

- ...let's call it "ethnically diverse," a.k.a. a good Greek boy and Black to the bone, y'all;

- possibly a Jedi;

- probably Batman; and withOUT question,

- a GOOD GOD! handsome man.

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