Episode 5 - 11.20.17

Episode 5 - 11.20.17: 

Listen as the sorting hat figures out Samantha's Hogwarts house, and hear JAG rant about his house and patronus. Not a Harry Potter fan? Don't worry, neither is Samantha. 

Notes from the 'Cast


Continue exploring the wizarding world at Pottermore. Discover your wand, and be sure to let us know your Hogwarts house and patronus on social media. 

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J.A. George - Triwizard Tournament Training

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Samantha the Writer - Nada

When it comes to Harry Potter, Samantha can't even.

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We don't plug just our own stuff. We're too opinionated for that. 

Rick Riordan

Finished all the Harry Potter books and looking for something new? JAG heartily recommends the works of Rick Riordan. Similar in tone and filled with just as much magic, Rick Riordan brings mythology into the modern day in a series of series that never venture into derivative. 

JAG gives Rick Riordan's work a Hair Plug. Find out more on the Plugs page

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