Episode 4 - 11.06.17

Episode 4 - 11.06.17: 

We're celebrating National Novel Writing Month! Join us to find out how we're participating, why you should join us and how to get the most out of this event. 

Bonus! Hear what JAG thought of Thor: Ragnarok.

Notes from the 'Cast

National Novel Writing Month

The official website of National Novel Writing Month features tips, pep talks, videos and more to help you start the month right and finish strong. 

And it's our first ever YouTube video! Find out what happens on a Shameless Friday night and debate which host was more excited for their evening. 

'Cast Shirts

T-Shirts rule. Check out ours. Do it, do it now! 

J.A. George - Useless

This episode, JAG didn't have a shirt. He's a lamey lamerton. 

Samantha the Writer - The Odyssey

Check out this amazing shirt from Litographs! Yes, the book is actually printed on the shirt. If you and a friend both had litograph shirts, you could read each other much better.

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We don't plug just our own stuff. We're too opinionated for that. 


Litographs is a company based in Boston and they print books on tshirt, bags and poster and if you are a book lover like J.A George and I, then this is the company for you. They've also donated 200,000 books to communities in need. Spark Plug indeed.

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