Episode 2 - 10.17.17

Plotters vs. Pantsers! Which side are you on? Samantha and JAG go head-to-head on this important issue affecting writers everywhere.


Also, Samantha loves love in her first Shamelist, new 'Cast Shirts and new plugs.

Notes from the 'Cast

Plotter or Pantser?

Plotttttttttters, mount up! Join Team JAG.

Pantsers, stumble on over to Samantha's team . . . if the storyline takes you that way.

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Books by the Banks

Cincinnati's regional book festival will take place on Saturday, October 28 at the Duke Energy Convention Center. We'll be there!

'Cast Shirts

T-Shirts rule. Check out ours. Do it, do it now! 

J.A. George - May 25th, 1977

Star Wars. CHiPs. The Atari 2600. The Clash. JAG. A lot of great things made their debut in 1977. Celebrate the best year ever with this shirt.

Samantha the Writer - Green Tea-Shirt

Tea + Shirt = Tea-Shirt.

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We don't plug just our own stuff. We're too opinionated for that. 

Charleston Tea Plantation
The 2017 Total Eclipse

Yup. It was historic.


Samantha experienced it on a beach. She gave it a Hair Plug.


JAG watched it through an office window. His experience wasn't as momentous. 

The Charleston Tea Plantation produces the only brand of tea in the world that's made exclusively with 100% tea grown in America. 


Samantha gave the Charleston Tea Plantation a Hair Plug. Learn more on our Plugs page. 

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