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Episode 29 - 11.19.18: 

Happy Thanksgiving Outlets! This Thanksgiving, J.A. George and Samantha the Writer just want to be thankful. So we are thankful - for our families, books, writers and our guests.

Speaking of guests, we are giving our former and future guests the same opportunity.

This episode features former guests:

  • Mark Dubovec: author and movie guru. Find him @duboduke

  • M.L. Keller: author of Your Novel, This Month. Find her on The Manuscript Shredder

  • Ryen Lesli: author of the upcoming novel River. Visit her website to  learn more!

And future guests:

  • Lillian Blaire: author and upcoming December guest! Find her @lillianblaire

  • Steven M. Nedeau: author of The Soulweb. Visit his website to meet Steven before his episode airs in January!

The music in this episode is provided by https://www.free-stock-music.com

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Who would have thought that tea, salad and a cubicle cell would lead to a podcast and (eventually) publishing deals? J.A. and Samantha met at work, where they constantly ran into each other in the break room, thanks to the aforementioned tea and salad. The rest will (one day) be entertainment history. 

First Name: Samantha

Middle name: The

Last Name: Writer

What can I say? My parents were oracles.


I've always wanted to be a writer (except for that brief period in 6th grade when I thought Zoology sounded like fun . . .) and from odd job to odd job I held that dream tight.

My writing is modern and sometimes futuristic and influenced by Hemingway. And I have a cat.

Who am I? I am...

- a wannabe novelist;

- a movie junkie (seriously, I'll watch and debate anything from Citizen Kane to Snow Dogs);

- a former comic geek who still has gamma-irradiated blood running through his veins;

- a former skater punk who still loves the music (amongst a whole bunch of other genres);

- an office drone (until I get a novel published or the revolution comes. Y'know, whichever.);

- a suburban dad who's still tougher than a Son of Anarchy;

- ...let's call it "ethnically diverse," a.k.a. a good Greek boy and Black to the bone, y'all;

- possibly a Jedi;

- probably Batman; and withOUT question,

- a GOOD GOD! handsome man.

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